There are quite a plethora of places that one could choose when it comes to looking forward to learn more about its history and whatnot. However, it really is important that you will have to choose the right place accordingly for you to be able to spend your time wisely. Generally speaking, there will surely be a number of things that one could choose from but of all these, Barcelona is undeniably among the most popular places to visit when it comes to tourist destination.


All in all, this place is filled with joy and holidays that you would like to take part in. Not only that, but this also has an easy access to critical places as well as it has a weather condition that is favorable all year round. With that in mind, surely, beaches and its surrounding mountains are among the places that people, specifically speaking, tourists, are what they plan on checking when in Barcelona.


Below are critical places you should check when you decide to learn more about the tourism in Barcelona.


Camp Nou basically is one of the critically iconic place that you should include in your list. This has been a home to formidable European football champions in the past, capable of housing 99,000 people in the stadium, surely, this sports area is a place you should not forget about, considering the fact that this has been confirmed to be Europe's largest. Know about Barcelona Card museums here!


Museo Picasso is yet another place in Barcelona you should not miss and ignore because of the fact that this place houses over 4,000 works. This also holds a history so strong that explains the relationship of Museu Picasso and the city of Barcelona.


The Montjuic also is a great place for you to check as well because of it being that this actually is a hill that has a relatively flat top, facing the city center. Since the eastern side of the hill is designed to be almost a sheer cliff, to see the entire view of the city harbor will surely be as clean and refreshing. For more facts and information about the tourism in Barcelona, you can go to


Located below the Palau Nacional on the Montjuic hill is the Font Magica fountain. This type of fountain has its look intensified and improved with the surrounding, which, if you are going to date it back, boils down to the construction made and done in the year 1929.


With all that is said, surely, you could see how its culture and history reshaped the entire place and actually made to what you will see there now when you choose to visit the critically important places in Barcelona.


While it is true that there are just so many of these, to consider contacting a tour bus ahead should save you from a number things and get it done fast and smooth right at the start. Learn about Gaudi Tour here!